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2022-2023 Announcement by Grace House

Praise the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry of Grace House in 2022. Grace House is a Christian House Ministry that operates and manages several houses in Japan. We have a Christian House Network that partners with various Christian houses in Japan. Grace House would like to make the following announcements for 2023. < Nard-Kan (Kita-Senju, Tokyo) will start for rent for warehouse and meeting space from 2023> The vacant third floor of Nard-Kan building in Kita-Senju, Tokyo which Grace House helps manage, will be available for rental as a warehouse and meeting place to Christian, Churches, and Ministry from …


Nard-Kan (Kita-Senju, Tokyo) will start for rent for warehouse and meeting space from 2023.

Grace House started management cooperation to “Nard-Kan”(ナルド館)empty building of the Church stands in Adachi-ward of Tokyo, near from Kitasenju. 6th floor building named “Nard-Kan” were used for nursing school 10 years ago. 1st floor is chapel of Zenrin Christian Church but 2nd to 6th floor are all open. GH rent for 3rd floor for warehouse and meeting space for ministry. Please contact us if you interesting to this space. Nard-Kan info Nard-Kan 2023 <3F Facility Information> *Total area: 308.13m2 *Warehouse for rent: 94.08 m2 (10 sections x approx. 9 m2) (Room A/B/C) *Meeting room for rent: 1 room (approx. 30 m2) (Room No.3) <Leasing terms and conditions> (tentative) *Warehouse: 5,000 yen / …


Announce the retirement of Current President

Dear supporters and prayers for Grace House ministry. Praise the name of the Lord. Thank you for your supporting and praying for ministry of Grace House. Grace House is pleased to announce the retirement of president Ken Ishibashi as of March 31, 2022. We will not appoint a new president or leaders for the time being, and will continue to maintain the remaining administrative house on a volunteer basis without a president for the time being, until the next mission of Grace House is given by the Lord. We are praying that God will show us a new vision and give us a new leader for the ministry of Grace …

Grace House supporting a project to rebuild Amagi Assenbly

Grace House supporting a project to rebuild Amagi Assenbly, a Christian lodging facility that is currently closed for an extended period of time.         Amagi Assenbly has been operated by the Southern Baptist Missionaries and Japan Baptist Convention (the largest Baptist denomination in Japan with approximately 330 churches) since 1954, and has been used for over 60 years for training and meetings by Christian schools, missionary groups, and churches in Japan and abroad. It is also one of the largest Christian facilities in Japan with a capacity of nearly 400 people, and has been used for general schools, club activities, cram school camps, and local government. However, …


Closing GH Kamimaezu and moving Nagoya office

The main house of Grace House, GH Kamimaezu in Nagoya will close end of this October. GH Kamimaezu opened 2014 and we hosted more than 100 group and churches, 1,000 guests, and also more than 40 residents lived this past 7 years. Thank you for all your support and prayer for Grace House. ☆New Nagoya Office (from 1st November 2021) GH Ikeshita 2-64, Shinpo-cho, Chikusa-ward, Nagoya City, 464-0072 TEL: 052-265-5533 TEL: 052-265-7521 ☆Tokyo Office 615 OCC, 2-1, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, 101-0062 Tel. 03-6811-0851 FAX. 03-6811-0852


Grace House Recruiting House List for 2021

Grace House recruiting house for rent or share house for 2021. Each house are different conditions and environment but we would like to rent for Christian for support their Christian lives. Each house consultation is possible to discount for missionary, ministry staff or theological student. Please contact us or ask details to staff. <Nagoya 名古屋> ◆GH Kamimaezu 上前津(Share house)Rent: JPY 32,000~ ◆GH Irinaka いりなか(Share )Share: JPY 40,000~ ◆GH Fujigaoka 藤が丘(Share or Rent)Share: JPY 30,000~ / Rent: JPY 100,000 ◆Shinpo House 振甫町(Rent)2LDK apartment Rent: JPY 45,000 <Tokyo 東京> ◆GH Fujimigaoka 富士見ヶ丘(Rent)2DK apartment ×2 room Rent: JPY 120,000 ◆Nerima House 練馬(Share house)3DK mansion Rent: JPY 40,000~ ◆Kumegawa House 久米川(Share house)4LDK Rent: JPY 50,000~ …


GH Irinaka (Nagoya) recruit new resident for share (male)

Grace House(GH) recruit new resident for share house (male). Please contact to GH if you interest to live for share house. House Name: Grace House Irinaka(グレイスハウスいりなか) Address: 12-1, Kwananayama-Cho, Showa-ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi Transportation: 7min from Irinaka Station or 10min from Kawana Station of Nagoya Subway line. House type:  wooden 2 stories house 5LDK (5bedroom, Living, Dining, Kitchen) Rent type:Share house (4-5people) either male or female. Rent:Share:  ¥40,000~ + utilities ¥12,000  *please check the room list Deposit and key money:  deposit 1 month  / no key money Other details:  check each website page or pdf House details URL:  Share house GH Irinaka  PDF(Japanese):  いりなか物件情報(2020)シェア賃貸 Contact: TEL: 052-265-5533 or Contact form (GH Irinaka is the first house for …


Nerima House (Tokyo) new resident wanted!

Nerima House, Christian share house (apartment room type) stands at Nerima-ward of Tokyo have 1 room available for female. 【Nerima House 練馬ハウス】<For Female> (the room at apartment building) Address:Toyotamaminami, Nerima-ward, Tokyo 〒176-0014(練馬区豊玉南) Area:  Nerima/Nakano area Station:Seibu-Ikebukuro line or subway Oedo line Nerima Sta.  15min. Seibu-Shinjuku line Nogata Sta.  15min House type:  Room share at apartment building for female Room type : 3DK(3 bedroom / dinning kitchen )with internet Rent : JPY 40,000 + material utilities cost (divided by number/ less than JPY10,000) Coments :House Owner and resident is Japanse Christian gospel singer. She normally lives in Osaka, and often use the house for staying Tokyo. Please understand some time her …


Kumegawa House (Tokyo) new residents wanted!!

Kumegawa House, the new Christian share house just opened this year, recruiting new residents (2 room available). 【Kumegawa House 久米川ハウス】<For Female> Area:   Higashimurayama City, Tokyo (東京都東村山市) Nearest Station:   Kumegawa Station (Seibu Shinjuku Line/ 30min from Shinjuku) House type: Separate House 4LDK Residents capacity:  4 (including house owner) Available room:  Room A (10.7㎡) & Room B (9.2㎡) both on first floor. Rent:    JPY 50,000 / month + utility cost Initial Cost: JPY 50,000 (deposit & key money) Other coments: * The house open for various background resident. It’s open for single mother, sexual minority, senior, etc. * Pets allows * The house is partner house of Grace House (not managed …


Grace House will be aired on TV program “Lifeline”

Grace House will be aired on TV program “Lifeline” 5th(Sat) and 6th(Sun), September 2020. “Lifeline” is Japanese local TV program for tell the gospel for Japan. Grace House president Ken Ishibashi and residents of GH Kamimaezu (Nagoya) taken an interview. Also program shows inside of Grace House and the share house life. Please check and watch the program. Website of “Lifeline”(Japanese): Airtime & broadcast local channel:[北海道Hokkaido] HBCテレビ 9/6(Sun)4:45am[青森Aomori] ATV 9/5(Sat) 5:00am [福島Fukushima]FTV福島テレビ 9/6(Sun) 5:30am [新潟Nigata]BSNテレビ 9/5(Sat) 5:15am [群馬Gunma]群馬テレビ 9/6(Sun) 7:00am [千葉Chiba]チバテレ 9/5(Sat) 7:00am [埼玉Saitama]テレ玉 9/5(Sat) 8:00am [神奈川Kanagawa] tvk  9/6(Sun) 8:30am [静岡Shizuoka] Daiichi TV  9/5(Sat) 5:00am [滋賀Shiga]BBCびわ湖放送 9/5(Sat) 8:00am [兵庫Hyogo・大阪Osaka]サンテレビ 9/6(Sun) 7:00am [京都Kyoto]KBS京都TV 9/5(Sat) 6:30am [沖縄Okinawa]OTV沖縄テレビ 9/5(Sat) 5:30am ※Please check each broadcast before you watch. ※The program …

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