Grace House is home for people who share Christian values to enjoy living together in fellowship as well as walking together in faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we most often here.

What kind of people live in a share house?

Although there are no age limits, most residents are between their 20s and 40s. By occupation residents generally range from college students to job seekers to corporate managers both from within Japan and from outside Japan. Residents have freedom to host events such as study groups or home parties.
At Grace House we offer separate locations for male and female residents.

What kinds of rooms are there?

Each room as well as the rent vary from house to house. Smaller and less expensive rooms are more popular with college students while larger rooms are often more popular with older residents. Each room has an air conditioner and heater as well as a closet and or drawers.

May I use the tools and utensils provided?

Yes. Each house has its own utilities fee but beyond that, all communal appliances, equipment, furniture, and services, such as refrigerator, television, and internet are free to use. Some residents bring their own appliances or furniture to their share house. In such situations, please ask that resident for permission before using their belongings.

What is the shortest Stay I can apply for?

The absolute minimum for residents is one month. Occasionally guests, for example missions groups, stay for shorter durations, however. In the case of international residents who must return during the middle of a month, we can offer a discount for the utilities charge.

Can friends and family stay over too?

No problem! However before holding a large party, please ask for your house mates’ permission. Additionally, if your guests stay overnight, please contact us first. Guests of residents may stay for free in the resident’s room. Alternatively if they choose to do so, they may stay in a guest room. Each guest room is 4000 yen per night regardless of how many guests stay there. However as a principle, we cannot accept male and female guests or residents to stay together.

Is there a house manager? Who is in charge of cleaning and maintenance?

There is no individual manager for each house. Guests of each house cooperate on cleaning. In the event of a broken appliance or necessary repair, we will be happy to come to your assistance.

What fees are necessary when I move in?

A one month security deposit and the first month’s rent are requested. The security deposit minus repairs incurred will be reimbursed upon leaving. We do not require other types of fees common in Japan such as “thank you money” (reikin) or “go-between fee” (chukaitesuryo). We also do not require a guarantor (hoshonin). This makes Grace House ideal for students and international guests. We do ask for an emergency contact address and phone number for peace of mind. If you have any further details, please inquire at your leisure.

Contact us TEL 052-265-5533(NAGOYA)
03-6811-0851 (TOKYO)
Reception time 9:00 - 18:00 (Weekdays except holidays)

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