Grace House recruiting house for rent or share house for 2021.
Each house are different conditions and environment but we would like to rent for Christian for support their Christian lives. Each house consultation is possible to discount for missionary, ministry staff or theological student.
Please contact us or ask details to staff.

<Nagoya 名古屋>
GH Kamimaezu 上前津(Share house)Rent: JPY 32,000~
GH Irinaka いりなか(Share )Share: JPY 40,000~
GH Fujigaoka 藤が丘(Share or Rent)Share: JPY 30,000~ / Rent: JPY 100,000
Shinpo House 振甫町(Rent)2LDK apartment Rent: JPY 45,000

<Tokyo 東京>
GH Fujimigaoka 富士見ヶ丘(Rent)2DK apartment ×2 room Rent: JPY 120,000
Nerima House 練馬(Share house)3DK mansion Rent: JPY 40,000~
Kumegawa House 久米川(Share house)4LDK Rent: JPY 50,000~

<Chiba 千葉>
GH Kashiwanoha 柏の葉(Rent)4LDK Rent: JPY 100,000

GH North Tokyo 北千住(Rent)rent 2nd(177㎡) & 3rd(308㎡) floor of Church building.
ask details and rent conditions.

House list file English(PDF)GH recruiting list2021
House list file 日本語(PDF)GH recruiting list2021(Jap)

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