Dear Grace House Family Members and Supporters
Happy Easter to you all

We, the Grace House, thank you for your continued prayer and support to us in the middle of the widespread influence of COVID-19.
GH ministry has been heavily affected by this big crisis with no sign of possible improve of the situation.
The Grace House is a home for many foreign and domestic groups, more than half of them are mission teams staying here for a short term. This year, the guest reservations of our houses in Nagoya and Tokyo from March to May were almost completely canceled and the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was an additional blow for us.
The financial situation of the Grace House has been significantly deteriorated in the past several months and the estimated opportunity loss is at no less than US$60,000 which corresponds to 45% of the last year’s total revenues.

Now, we have decided to make some alterations in the usage of the house to seek more business opportunities besides reducing operational costs.
They are;
1. Change some of the rooms of GH Nagoya & Tokyo from guest rooms to share rooms.
Also we renovate some of the guest rooms of GH Kamimaezu, the flag ship house in Nagoya , to be used as a share office.
2. Accept such guests, whether Christians or not, who are somehow affected by COVID-19 and in need of a temporary space or a room. They could be;
1) Returnees from overseas.
2) People who have to be interned for 2 weeks after entering Japan from virus affected countries
3) People who have lost or are going to lose their accommodation due to a temporary closure of dormitories, or as a result of the unemployment, or whatsoever reasons.
4) COVID-19 related health care workers who need accommodations near to their work places.

We would appreciate very much if you could provide us with any information on potential guests or if you could introduce us people who are in need of accommodations.
We thank you again for your prayers and supports to our ministry and we also pray for you in this difficult time.

22nd April 2020
Grace House President Ken Ishibashi
TEL: 052-265-5533

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